Resistance bulletin issues 1-109 (to February 2009)

Resistance issue 109 February 2009 [PDF] – SOLIDARITY Across borders across cultures, across states (Gaza), University and BBC occupations, EDO smashed, Murders in Russia, Mutual Aid, Refinery wildcats.

Resistance issue 108 December 2008 / January 2009 [PDF] – FINGERED! – BIG BROTHER IS HERE (‘ID cards for foreigners’), BNP list, Bastard of the Year, Obama, Italian schools, Chile strike, Greek migrants fightback.

Resistance issue 107 November 2008 [PDF] – CAMPAIGNERS SAVE LIBRARY, Anarchist view on economy, Workplace fightback, Liverpool campaign stall clampdown, Police Violence, Colombia demo, Greece general strike, BNP “Smash the Miners”.

Resistance issue 106 October 2008 [PDF] – ROBIN HOOD IS DEAD, LONG LIVE ROBIN BANKS, Roma Solidarity, Travellers, Armed forces on campus, coal & climate change, economic chaos, IWW Sheffield campaign, ID cards for some foreign nationals.

Resistance issue 105 September 2008 [PDF] – WELCOME TO MANCHESTER (Labour Party conference), BNP festival, Iceland solidarity, Low pay scandal, Gay Pride, Climate Camp, Wembley academy.

Resistance Festival Special August 2008 [PDF] – SMASH THE SCUMFEST (BNP Red, White & Blue Festival), Roma persecution in Italy, Anti-academy campaign, Food Bills, Billboard workers’ strike.

Pride special – WHAT’S WRONG WITH ANGRY? [PDF] – Stonewall not StonewallTM, Manchester Pride con, Equality & freedom, Gay marriage, Pathetic BPP, Systematic prejudice, Family Values.

Resistance issue 104 July/August 2008 [PDF] – WHERE THERE’S BRASS… THERE’S MUCK (Camp for Climate Action) – Nottingham terror arrests and anti-deportation campaigns, Armed forces Day, School achievement, Rich lists, Troop suicides, Manchester bookfair, Work maims & kills.

Resistance issue 103 June 2008 [PDF] – THE GLOBAL ECONOMY: does it make any sense?, Changes to Incapacity Benefit, Mayday reports, Prison system, Army recruitment action, Pauline Campbell, Credit cuts, CCTV, fighting fund appeal.

Resistance issue 102 April/May 2008 [PDF] – SAFE IN THEIR HANDS…(police custody deaths), NUT teachers strike, Credit crunch & bank boss bonuses, Fascists attacked & seen off, BNP weapons stash discovered, Shelter pickets, Sickies & troop desertions, MP expenses scandal, Poll Tax bills still unpaid in Scotland. Press fund appeal.

Resistance issue 101 March 2008 [PDF 3MB, 8 pages] – ONLY RIGHTS CAN STOP THE WRONGS (sex workers), armed forces recruitment, postal & council workers strike, Branson health warning, ‘workfare’ provider puts staff on dole, pensions & banks, leaks & hacks, Mexican Miners, Bastard of the month.

Resistance issue 100 February 2008 [PDF] – SPECIAL 6 PAGE ISSUE – This is Resistance, SOCPA protests, worldwide workplace actions, climate change blamegame, homeless against rent rises, fascists & cops unite.

Resistance issue 99 January 2008 [PDF] – HAPPY NEW YEAR!!, Air Marshall alarmed in Sheffield, Karen Reissman appeal, Post union sellout, Benefits bullies, Act against ID cards, BNP split, Rally held against neo-nazi murder, plus Bastards of the year, Short Fuse column, & cartoon.

Resistance issue 98 November/December 2007 [PDF] – HATE TO SAY WE TOLD YOU SO (Iraq invasion), temporary employment, Reading’s garden occupation, UK Borders Bill passed, Nurses solidarity strike, Royal mail wildcats, BNP fiasco in Notts, plus Short Fuse column, AF news, prisoner support & diary dates.

Resistance issue 97 October 2007 [PDF] – OH MY GORD! (Labour Party conference), tax, banking, mortgages, Bangladesh garment workers’ wildcat, strike against racism, Postal strike, Strike-Bike self-managed factory in Germany.

Resistance issue 96 September 2007 [PDF in two parts pages 1 and 4 and pages 2 and 3] – CAMPING TO SAVE THE WORLD (Climate Action), working students in IWW, Healthworker solidarity, IWW Providence USA, Postal strike, Rossport update, Crichton campus reprieve, No Borders Camp invitation, British People Party’s pathetic Gay Pride picket.

Resistance issue 95 July/August 2007 [PDF] – REGIME CHANGE? Don’t think so (Brown becomes PM), ID as a British institution, more international wildcat action, Stop the War demo, Crichton campus dispute, NF & radical muslim group clash, Boris Johnson bopped, Sacco & Vanzetti. Read [HTML text]

No issue for June 2007.

Resistance issue 94 May 2007 [PDF] – A LOAD OF OLD BALLOTS! local elections in Britain, State powers of entry, Dublin wildcat strike, Mayday 2007, Baghdad ID cards & walls, Blood service dispute, Barcelona May 1937, Macnchester ‘Basement’ social centre fire, No Borders demo against Gatwick deportation centre. [HTML text]

Resistance SPECIAL ISSUE Mayday 2007 [PDF] MAY DAY ALL YEAR ROUND! History of international workers’ day, reports of wildcat action.

Resistance issue 93 April 2007 [PDF] – SOMETHING ROTTEN IN THE STATE OF DENMARK social centre eviction, Copwatch, Fast food KFC workers, Wildcat actions, Identity and border control, War taxes, Czech & Russian anti-fascist prisoners, International anti-war action. [HTML text]

Resistance issue 92 March 2007 [PDF] – SLAVERY TODAY, fighting BNP fascism in Reading, the Battle of Belle Vue – cops beat up kids in Manchester, No Borders asylum demo, Dead Nazi blog. [HTML text]

Resistance issue 91 February 2007 [PDF] – IRAQ: POWER PLAY, Trident nuclear ‘debate’, Bush & his buddies, ID database changes, Greek occupations and strikes, Russia 1917. [HTML text]

Resistance issue 90 Dec 2006/Jan 2007 [PDF] – HOME BY CHRISTMAS (war, lies and conspiracies), Bastard of the year award to John Reid, Police mobile fingerprinting, Green Greed, BNP conference, Defy-ID gathering report, Christmas cheer/Christian hate. [HTML text]

Resistance issue 89 November 2006 [PDF] – SOCIAL CHANGE NOT CLIMATE CHANGE!, Revolt in Oaxaca Mexico, Anti-war actions & new police powers, Surveillance society watchdog. [HTML text]

Resistance CLIMATE CHANGE SPECIAL ISSUE November 2006 [PDF] – for the day of International Protest on Climate Change. [HTML text]

Resistance issue 88 October 2006 [PDF] – MORE IN COMMON THAN IN CONFLICT… THE MIDDLE EAST, Rossport, ID cards & Defy-ID gathering, squat raid in Chile, Drax direct action, Anti-war demo reports. [HTML text]

Resistance 87 September 2006 [PDF] – GET ‘EM WHILE THEY’RE YOUNG: fingerprinting of children on the rise, corporations in Iraq, Anti-youth technologies, Army Desertion, Anarchy=Chaos?, Starbucks Union. [HTML text]

Northern Resistance LABOUR PARTY CONFERENCE/ANTI-WAR Special Sept 2006 [PDF] – Middle East, Asylum-seekers organise, ID cards under Tories & Labour, School privatisation, Drax climate change action, Democracy (what Democracy?). [HTML text]

Resistance FESTIVAL Summer Special Aug 2006 [PDF] – Anti-youth technologies, File-sharing, Army Desertion, Anarchism FAQ, and Starbucks.

Resistance 86 July/August 2006 [PDF] – THE UNION FOREVER? Trade union strikes, John Reid new Home Secretary, Armchair cops, Left-wing in South America, Russia G8, ASDA depot action, Jerry Springer Opera, General Strike 1926. [HTML text]

Resistance 85 June 2006 [PDF] – THAT’S THE WAY TO DO IT! Industrial action in France & Britain and in Higher Education, ID databases, Police Brutality in Mexico, BNP ‘gains’. [HTML text]

Resistance 84 May 2006 [PDF] – ASYLUM NO CRIME: Asylum seeker harassment & NCADC lottery funding pulled, Education & public sector action, fighting ID. [HTML text]

Resistance 83 April 2006 [PDF] – FIGHTING FOR THEIR FUTURE: French riots against CPE, Belarus repression, UK Public Sector strike, Tagging asylum seekers, BAE systems, Bird Flu, Welsh assembly. [HTML text]

Resistance 82 Mar 2006 [PDF] – NO TO NEW KILLER: Nuclear power threat, ID cards, Iraq war, IAF day of action, plus the usual activist’s events diary, industrial and prisoner news. [HTML text]

Resistance 81 Feb 2006 [PDF] – PENSIONS MASSACRE!, ID cards, Irish ferry dispute, Charities. [HTML text]

Resistance 80 Dec 2005/Jan 2006 [PDF] – SOCIAL CHANGE NOT CLIMATE CHANGE, France riots, ID cards update, Christian fundamentalists. [HTML text]

Resistance 79 November 2005 [PDF] – ID CARDS: Stealing Our Identity, Gate Gourmet women, Rossport solidarity, Prisoner support, FcUnited Manchester. [HTML text]

Resistance 78 October 2005 [PDF] – MISSISSIPPI DROWNING: Hurricane Katrina, Laing O’Rourke dispute, Gate Gourmet solidarity, CNT Spain, ID cards, Dissent. [HTML text]

Resistance 77 September 2005 [PDF] – GUNS DON’T KILL PEOPLE, COPPERS DO! Shoot to kill, Gate Gourmet, Ecuador, Shell Boycott Ireland. [HTML text]

Resistance 75 July 2005 [PDF] – G8/Bob Geldof/Resistance In Bolivia/Social centres in Glasgow. [HTML text]

Resistance 74 June 2005 [PDF] – G8/Id Cards/Wind power/BBC Strike. [HTML text]

Resistance 73 May 2005 [PDF] – General election/Pope/Community Action/Prisoner Support/Canadian Students.

Resistance 72 April 2005 [PDF] – Big brother/Charity/War in Iraq/Temp workers. [HTML text]

Resistance 71 March 2004 [PDF] – War/Transport/Deaths in army barracks/radical radio. [HTML text]

Resistance 69 January 2005 [PDF] – Housing/ID Cards/Olympics/NHS And Privacy.[HTML text]

Resistance 68 December 2004 [PDF] – Pensions/Iraq/Philippines/Work. [HTML text]

Resistance 67 November 2004 PDF – Big brother/Brazil/Civil servants on strike/ESF. [HTML text]

Resistance 66 October 2004 [PDF] – Terrorism/Courier Strike/Politicians.

Resistance 65 September 2004 [PDF] – Sick Pay/Prison Deaths/Wilkinsons.

Resistance 64 August 2004 [PDF] – South America/Workplace Deaths/Palestine/Bush In Ireland/Strikes.

Resistance 63 July 2004 [PDF] – Workplace Resistance/Fascism/Palestine/Voting.

Resistance 62 June 2004 [PDF] – Elections/Palestine/Schools/Tescos. [HTML text]

Resistance 61 May 2004 [PDF] – Capitalism vs. humanity. [HTML text]

Resistance 60 April 2004 [PDF] – Spanish bombings/Metro strikes/etc. [HTML text]

Resistance 59 March 2004 [PDF] – Tax is theft/Rotten/etc. [HTML text]

Resistance 58 February 2004 [PDF] – Council Housing/etc. [HTML text]

Resistance 57 January 2004 [PDF] – Gadaffi vs. Saddam/Debt/Transport. [HTML text]

Resistance 56 December 2003 [PDF] – Christmas/Paris/Hoover/Bush. [HTML text]

Resistance 55 November 2003 [PDF] – Postal Strike/Council Tax/CBI/Bolivia. [HTML text]

Resistance 54 October 2003 [PDF] – GM Food/Greece prisoners/Debt/Anti-militarism. [HTML text]

Resistance 53 September 2003 [PDF] – War/Schools/Christianity/Community. [HTML text]

Resistance 52 August 2003 [PDF] – Heathrow Wildcats/Empire/DSEI/Argentina. [HTML text]

Resistance 51 July 2003 [PDF] – Labour/French Strikes. [HTML text]

Resistance 50 June 2003 [PDF] – Hot summer ahead!, Evian/Thessalonica/Loan Sharks/UCKG. [HTML text]

Resistance 49 May 2003 [PDF] – Labouring under illusions, the “Third Way”. [HTML text]

Resistance 48 april 2003 [PDF] – Fight the bosses not their wars. [HTML text]

Resistance 47 March 2003 [PDF] – Time for action[PDF] – war/cult/queen. [HTML text]

Resistance 46 Feb 2003 [PDF] – War against War, anti-war special. [HTML text]

Resistance 45 Jan 2003 [PDF] – War cash/prisons/Argentina/Fiat. [HTML text]

Resistance 44 Dec 2002 [PDF] – Fire &other strikes!/Anti-war action/Italy. [HTML text]

Resistance 43 Nov 2002 [PDF] – Strikes/McDonalds/Sabotage the War Effort. [HTML text]

Resistance 42 Oct 2002 [PDF] – Down with Dictators. [HTML text]

Resistance 41 Sept 2002 [PDF] – The rich lie, the rest die. [HTML text]

Resistance 40 August 2002 [PDF] – Have you got that sinking feeling? [HTML text]

Resistance 39 July 2002 [PDF] – Capitalism Kills! [HTML text]

Resistance 38 June 2002 [PDF] – Posh Parasite! No [HTML text]

Resistance 37 May 2002 [PDF] – Dying for a job? [HTML text]

Resistance 36 April 2002 [PDF] – Where there’s blood there’s profits. [HTML text]

Resistance 35 March 2002 [PDF] – The Great Escape, from asylum detention centres. [HTML text]

Resistance 34 February 2002 [PDF] – Solidarity is Strength, strikes in Britain and Europe[HTML text]

Resistance 33 January 2002 [PDF] – Gotcha!, Argentina uprising. [HTML text]

Resistance 32 December 2001 [PDF] – “Let them eat shrapnel”, bombing Afghanistan. [HTML text]

Resistance 31 November 2001 [PDF] – Don’t Believe the Hype, Bush & Blair justifying war. [HTML text]

Resistance 30 October 2001 [PDF] – Operation Infinite Profit, Sept 11 aftermath. [HTML text]

Resistance 29 September 2001 [PDF] – (Broken file, sorry) [HTML text]

Resistance 28 August 2001 [PDF] – Turning up the Heat, after Genoa G8. [HTML text]

Resistance 27 July 2001 [PDF] – Back on the Streets, after General Election. [HTML text]

Resistance 26 June 2001 [PDF] – Anarchy not Apathy!, why there’s no point voting. [HTML text]

Resistance 25 May 2001 [PDF] – Don’t vote, Organise! [HTML text]

Resistance 24 April 2001 [PDF] – Burning for profit!, Agri-business. [HTML text]

Resistance 23 March 2001 [PDF] – Class not County, Countryside Alliance. [HTML text]

Resistance 22 February 2001 [PDF] – Wildcats in the UK, Post Office strikes. [HTML text]

Resistance 21 January 2001 [PDF] – Nice ‘n Sleazy, EU summit in France. [HTML text]

Resistance 20 December 2000 [PDF] – Against All Authority, Palestian uprising. [HTML text]

Resistance 19 November 2000 [PDF] – Derailed by Profit, Hatfield disaster. No [HTML text]

Resistance 18 October 2000 [PDF] – Don’t get Fuelled, petrol crisis. [HTML text]

Resistance 17 September 2000 [PDF] – Landlording it over us, tenant blacklists. No [HTML text]

Resistance 16 August 2000 [PDF] – The Real Big Brother, Investigatory Powers Bill. [HTML text]

Resistance 15 July 2000 [PDF] – 58 Dead, who is responsible?, immigrant deaths. [HTML text]

Resistance 14 June 2000 [PDF] – Guns for Peace?, UK/UN mission in Sierra Leone. [HTML text]

Resistance 13 May 2000 [PDF] – UK Terror HQ found, state terror tactics. [HTML text]

Resistance 12 April 2000 [PDF] – Filthy beggars, media attacks on asylum seekers & the homeless. [HTML text]

Resistance 11 March 2000 [PDF] – Safe in their Hands?, NHS & Shipman. [HTML text]

Resistance 10 February 2000 [PDF] – The Blair Rich Project. [HTML text]

Resistance 9 Dec-Jan 1999-2000 [PDF] – Global Resistance, WTO in Seattle. [HTML text]

Resistance 8 November 1999 [PDF] – No Future with Capitalism, environmental disaster. [HTML text]

Resistance 7 October 1999 [PDF] – Hypocrisy goes Hyper!, Britain in East Timor. [HTML text]

Resistance 6 September 1999 [PDF] – Prison Camp UK, prison building programme. [HTML text]

Resistance 5 August 1999 [PDF] – We come in peace, shoot to kill!, NATO in Kosovo. [HTML text]

Resistance 4 June-July 1999 [PDF] – No war but the class war, Serbia bombings. [HTML text]

Resistance 3 Apr-May 1999 [PDF] – Stop the Slaughter, Iraq bombings. [HTML text]

Resistance 3 supplement [PDF] – Kosovo/Kosova war

Resistance 2 Feb-Mar 1999 [PDF] – How long before they burn refugees here? NF in Dover. [HTML text]

Resistance 1 Dec-Jan 1998-99 [PDF] – Stop this legal lynching!, Mumia Abu Jamal. [HTML text]