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Welcome to the AFED website. We are a federation of anarchist groups and individual members in Britain and a member organisation of the International of Anarchist Federations. On this site you can read what we think and find out about our various activities, which our members participate in and help to develop collectively, as equals.

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Organise issue 81 cover image The latest issue of the AF's magazine is out. ASPECTS OF THE FUTURE SOCIETY: Science Fiction Utopias, Education and Anarchism, Children of the Commune. PLUS: In Defence of Malatesta, The Libertarian Socialist Movement in Egypt, Syria's Grassroots Civil Opposition... AND MUCH MORE.
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cover of Resistance Bulletin 155 November 2013

NOVEMBER 2013 RESISTANCE is out. AUSTERITY HITS HOME (economic crisis), Anti-fascist killed in Greece, Food banks, London Day School on Anarchist Communism, Brazilian anarchists, Bangladeshi Clothing Industry strikes, US Anarchist Jailed.

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Tuesday, 30 March 2010 14:08
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AFED intro to anarcho-communism front cover

NEW FOR APRIL 2013 (minor revision of MARCH 2010 original). The main text lays out the fundamental ideas of anarchist communism. It is a really good overview of the politics of the Anarchist Federation. Various insets throughout the text give examples from history to illustrate the ideas described in the main section. Free download. Printed copies £2.00 +p&p. More pamphlets

Anarchist Communist Editions series ♣ ACE#21


Tuesday, 02 April 2013 14:41
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Read AF recent views and discussion articles relating to Austerity, Education, Welfare, Anarchafeminism, LGBTQ, Anti-racism, Environment.
See our blog for additional articles on war, prisons and international anarchism etc.

Austerity (general):

AF flyer for N30 - Symbolic Protest or Fight to Win?

Anarchist Federation statement on the June 30th strikes

A Council Worker Writes

Everything we've won: they want it back (March 2011)


Interview with an anarchist student occupier at Sheffield University

Working in Universities, Living With the Axe

Unite the struggles - London AF - October 2011

The students are revolting - report on the occupation of Millbank Tower


Healthcare workers: where we stand-fighting on two fronts

Private versus 'Socialised' healthcare

Nottingham City NHS and the cuts – a healthworker speaks out


Anti-workfare coordinated actions on 31st March 2012 - reports

Anti-workfare leaflet for 3rd March Day of Action

End of the Social Wage? Radical responses to the Welfare Reform Bill


A Class Struggle Anarchist Analysis of Privilege Theory – from the Women's Caucus.

Safer spaces, false allegations, and the NYC Anarchist Bookfair

Response to: Prostitution is Not Compatible with Anarchism


What's Wrong with Angry? - LGBTQ Bulletin of the Anarchist Federation - no.2

Queer- An Anarchist Deconstruction


Immigration and the election

The BNP, a working class party?

The Struggle Against Fascism Begins With The Struggle Against Labourism or, Hope Not Self-Defeating Liberal Stupidity

The European elections and the BNP, an anarchist perspective


Climate Camp and Us - a perspective paper

Meet the Green Boss - climate camp leaflet, discussion, report & paper


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