[Repost] Armed Forces Day and other ways of manufacturing consent

[Repost] Armed Forces Day and other ways of manufacturing consent

From No Glory In War:

In another year we could see many more parts of the education system pledge in perpetuity to be ‘armed forces-friendly’ and many more schools embrace ‘military ethos’ activities. As this article explores, the change of government is only likely to entrench these policies, particularly as, with a few exceptions, politicians of all colours are ‘on (pro-military) message’.

With the military embedded into parts of the education system and its message promoted by schools themselves, a growing number of young people are coming into contact with this pro-military message in their daily lives.

That this is happening within education, which is charged with acting in the best interests of students and developing their critical awareness, is very worrying, particularly when there is strong evidence that it is the youngest recruits, from disadvantaged backgrounds, who are most at risk of being killed or suffering mental health problems through involvement in warfare.

How will military involvement in schools and the public celebration of the armed forces, affect the space that young people have for critical thinking about war and its effects and alternatives to armed conflict? Lets take action now and not wait around to find out.

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