Cover image of London anarchist federation group paper Rebel City issue 7 - October 2017

Rebel City #7 available for free download

The latest issue of the London regular 16-page anarchist newspaper Rebel City ‘FED UP? THEN RISE UP!’  is available for free download – click to download October 2017 issue no. [7]

Co-published by London AF group, Haringey Solidarity Group, IWW, Solfed and others.

Contents: Housing, benefits, IWW, Community struggles & self-organisation, Corbyn & Momentum, Land justice, The Grenfell Tower Inferno & Mutual Aid, Antifascism in the time of Trump, Memory in history,  London Anarchist Bookfair, Direct Action Environmentalism.

Back issues online: [6][5][3] [2] [1] [no. 4 coming sometime!]

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