Organise! magazine Back issues 1-70 (Summer 2008)

Issue 70, Summer 2008, PDF format. DON’T SWALLOW THE POISON! AN ANTI-FASCIST SPECIAL. Articles include: Bash the Fash, Fascism & Democracy, Brainwashing, Social Centre history, Balkan/Bulgarian nationalism, May 1968, Russian Constructivists & Reviews (Abolishing the Borders from Below, Black Flag, Past Tense pamphlets on Ranters & Kett’s Rebellion, Novels in Three Lines, Beer & Revolution, Where Vultures Feast). Read HTML version online

Issue 69, Winter 2007-2008, PDF format. BUILDING SCHOOLS FOR THE FUTURE: opposing Academy schools; Common Ground community garden; Defy-ID & No Borders; Green Capitalism; NYC bookfair; Margaret Michaelis – Spanish revolution photographer, Book reviews (What’s Left, Bakunin, Italian anarchist volunteers). Read HTML version online

Issue 68, Spring/Summer 2007, PDF format part 1, poster & part 2, SIGNS OF A SOCIAL QUICKENING – BRIGHTER PROSPECTS FOR RADICAL CHANGE: Signs of Life? Hope for growth of radicalism, AF’s activities in 2006, Anarchism & Nationalism in Armenia, Neighbourhood communities, Psychology of Uniforms, The anarchism of Albert Camus, Anarchist vision of Flores Magon, portrait of Georg Elser “The man who tried to kill Hitler”, 1 book, 1 mag & 4 ‘Past Tense’ pamphlet reviews, Letter on slavery ‘abolition’. Read HTML version.

Issue 67, Autumn 2006, PDF format, 20 YEAR ANNIVERSARY ISSUE: Hungary ’56; The 1926 General Strike in Britain; Economic growth & ‘decroissance’; Surveillance & repression; Belarus anarchists interview; Situation in Swaziland; 20th year retrospectives & open letter; Erich Muesham portrait. Read HTML version online

Issue 66, Spring 2006, PDF format, DEFENDING ANONYMITY: ID cards Act; Spanish revolution 70th anniversary, Spanish artist Ramón Acín Aquilué; Environmental struggles in West Ireland & USA; Venezuelan anarchists interview; Anarchists and Media; Prisoner Support; Tom Bell & Louisa Sarah Bevington portrait. Read HTML version online

Issue 65, Winter 2005, PDF format, SPECIAL INTERNATIONAL ISSUE: Anarchism in Belarus; New China growth & unrest; Croatia; Anarchist Resistance to Nazism; Melbourne anarchist communists; IAF-IFA; Alfonso Nicolazzi obituary. Read HTML version online.

Issue 64, Spring 2005, PDF format, WHAT’S ALL THE FUSS ABOUT THE G8?: Anti-G8 protests, ID cards and databases & RFID, Casualisation, Water wars, Women in Iraq; Potemkin mutineer portrait. Read HTML version online.

Issue 63, Winter 2004, PDF format, THE EMERGING MOVEMENT: The Anarchist Movement in Argentina; Resistance in Iraq; Nanotechnology; Interview with Irish Anarchists; Schooling or education?; In the Tradition pt 5 (Miners’ Strike, Class War, Social Ecology & Greens, COBAS); Marinus van der Lubbe portrait. Read HTML version online.

Issue 62, Summer 2004, PDF format, Critique of Participatory economics (Parecon); Racism in Northern Ireland; Argentina; Class war in South America; Anarchism in Siberia; Camille Pissarro. In the Tradition pt 4 (New Left, Platformism, Wildcat); Simon Radowitzky portrait. Read HTML version online.

Issue 61, Winter 2003, HTML format, Anti-war action in Britain & Ireland; Argentina autonomous movement; New Economy; Airline strike; Punk Rock; Kropotkin and the Paris Commune; Prison Human Rights; Iosif Solomonovich Bleikhman portrait.

Issue 60, Summer 2003, PDF format, Iraq War; Firefighters strike; Argentina; White Boys in Ireland; Fatherhood; Yelenski’s fable – ABC history; Reviews incl. History of anarchist organisation & Victor Serge biography; Michael McLaughlin obituary; Senna Hoy portrait.

Issue 59, Winter 2002, PDF format, Anarchism and Sex; Anarchist dominatrix interview; Sex workers; Class Struggle in China; Arditi del Popolo; Scottish Nationalism; Prison Industry; Zazous in Vichy France; Ito Noe portrait.

Issue 58, Summer 2002, PDF format, Argentina: growing resistance; Paganism; Immigrant labour; Louisiana prison: free the Angola 3; Two US anarchist poets; Yellow House youth organisation in Liverpool; Belfast postman shooting; David Edelstadt portrait.

Issue 57, PDF format, The War on Terror – Oil and Afghanistan; Class war in Argentina; Attention Deficit Disorder; Primitivism & Deep Ecology; Christmas and consumerism; A prisoner speaks from jail; The 43 Group; Anarchist song in Italy; Internet anarchy; Carl Einstein & Sail Mohammed portraits.

Issue 56, PDF format, Anti-globalisation movement & the Black Bloc; Capitalism and Anti-Capitalism, Riots in Oldham; Prison racism; Reviews: Bookchin biography & insurrectionist pamphlets, Anarchist song in France incl. chanson of the Situationists and punk, Paul Roussenq portrait.

Issue 55, Summer 2001, Land and ecology; Kropotkin and tribal society; Mental illness; In the tradition pt3 (up to France ’68); NEFAC 3rd congress report; Harold Thompson; Anarchists in Turkish prisons; Anatoli Zhelezniakov portrait.

Issue 54, Winter 2000-2001, Civil war in Colombia – a libertarian perpective; Humans and animals; More workplace notes; Give up activism – J18 reflections; Mark Barnley, Paul Signac artist; Dissent & protest; Kurt Gustav Wilckins portrait.

Issue 53, Summer 2000, Mass Direct Action (Battle of Seattle N30); East Timor; Youth resistance to the Nazis; Workplace Notes; In the tradition pt 2 (WW2 and after); Fred Charles portrait.

Issue 52, Winter 1999-2000, East Timor slaughter; Kosovo – no war but the class war; J18 stop the city; Why did we change our name from ACF?; In the tradition pt 1 (AF’s roots & influences, before 1st international & up to Spanish Revolution); Gueorgui Cheitanov portrait.

Issue 51, Summer 1999, NATO bombing in Yugoslavia; ‘Peace process’ in Ireland; Disneyfication; Land rights & riots; Mark Barnsley support; GM Food; Margarita Ortega – Revolutionary Portraits new series.

Issue 50, Winter 1998-99, Anarchist organisation in US/Canada; Repression in Italy; French school protests; Ireland; New Deal for the unemployed; Abortion; Land Issues.

Issue 49, Summer-Autumn 1998, Mental Health; Bradford May Day 98; BSE; Green Anarchist; May 1968; Italian Anarchists.

Issue 48, Spring 1998, Liverpool Dockers; Welfare under Labour; Three Strikes; Syndicalism pt3; French Unemployment.

Issue 47, Winter 1997/1998, N.I. Peace Process; Anarchists & Organisation including dissolving of Class War Federation; Anarchism in Europe; Syndicalism pt2.

Issue 46, Summer 1997, New Labour; Euromarch; Austria; Internet; Black Autonomy; Crime; Syndicalism pt1.

Issue 45, Spring 1997, Welcome to the Free Market; Balkans, Ecology and Industry, Albania

Issue 44, Autumn/Winter 1996, Working Class Not Underclass; Surrealism; Eco-fascism

Issue 43, Summer 1996, Green Politics; Raving; Road Activists

Issue 42, 10 YEAR ANNIVERSARY ISSUE, Spring 1996, anniversary articles incl. History of Anarchist Communism in Britain, ACF’s first decade, Organise!/Virus retrospective, plus JSA, BSE, Yugoslavia carve-up, N.Ireland ceasefire end, Road Protester Diary, Militant Eco-action, IWCA, Cricket, Anarchist organisation

Issue 41, RACE SPECIAL ISSUE, Winter 1995/1996., Asylum & Immigration; Merseyside; Postal workers & Ford; Scargill SLP; Green Party; Greece appeal; France Juppe Plan; Dany the Red; Hong Kong; Illegal work & racism; Art as a weapon pt2; Anti-racism.

Issue 40, WORK SPECIAL ISSUE, Autumn 1995, Job Seekers’ Allowance & Welfare attacks; Libraries & Sheffield strike; Labour turns right; Scapegoating of immigrants and minorities; Tahiti anti-nuclear action; Art as a weapon; Greek anarchist movement; Technology; Work.

Twyford Down and the State, Article from Issue 30, Summer 1993.

Issue 27, LA Riots; Yugoslavia; Malcolm X. Print only. Copies available. See index below for full article list.

Issue 22: March-May 1991. Vive la commune!

Issues 14 to 23. All articles on the anti-Poll Tax struggle 1988-1991. Also read our two pamphlets Beating the Poll Tax and The Poll Tax and How to Fight It

Issues 14 to 39 : FULL ONLINE INDEX, with page numbers. View selected old covers.

Issues 1-13 were called Virus, just so you know!