Radical Queer Bristolian

Pride Zine!

You may have noticed the site is a bit quiet of late, probably because post all of our cool news and analysis over on Organise Magazine. Rest assured the ‘fed is far from quiet, and we will be updating you more with all our various goings on right here in the near future.

In the mean time, check out this zine we at Bristol AFed made for pride. Whilst Pride is traditionally in June, Bristol has our celebration the first Saturday in July, so this upload is not late, but in fact, early.

Bristol AFed and friends will be handing out physical copies from our Pride’s radical bloc before the march.

Radical Bloc Call:

the radical bloc will meet at 10am in castle park, by the Spanish Civil War memorial. This is between the path that runs next to the river, and the ruins of St Peter's Church. From there to the start of the march is on a relatively level well maintained path
More about Pride Parade’s accessibility on their website