Revolutionary Women

Revolutionary Women

Revolutionary Women
First Edition, 2015

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This pamphlet is dedicated to all those revolutionary women who have passed without mention in the history books. Thanks also go to Nick Heath for his attempts to uncover their stories, reminding us that beside every well-known individual there is a whole movement aiming towards libertarian communism.


Clara Gilbert Cole (1868-1956)
Virginia Bolten (1870-1960)
Victorine Brocher-Rouchy (1838-1921)
Anastasia Ivanovna Galaieva aka Anastasia Ivanovna, Nastia & Stepanova (1885-1925)
Anna Garaseva (1902-1994) and Tatiana Garaseva (1901-after 1997)
Johanna Lahr (1867-1904)
Ito Noe (1895-1923)
Séraphine Pajaud (1858-after 1934)
Maria Roda (1877-19??)
Maria Zazzi (1904-1993)
Appendix: Women and Anarchism
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