Our range of pamphlets look to introduce or expand upon certain aspects of anarchist communist history or ideas with an eye towards developing new practice.

You can get your hands on physical copies by ordering online from Dog Section Press, Active Distribution, AKUK and Freedom Press, or by asking at your local radical book shop or social centre! If you want to get multiple copies to distribute, or can’t order through the online shops for any reason, contact us directly and we’ll sort you out.


Revolutionary Women

Added 1 January 2015

Revolutionary WomenThis pamphlet shines a light on some of the lesser-known revolutionary women of the past. Who fought not only against the state and capitalism, but against sexism. Sexism in wider society, within revolutionary movements, and in the eyes of historians who too often overlooked them.

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Added 2 April 2010

AFED intro to anarcho-communism front coverThe Anarchist Federation is an organisation of revolutionary class struggle anarchists. We aim for the abolition of all hierarchy, and work for the creation of a world-wide classless society: anarchist communism.

This pamphlet will introduce what all this means and how we think we can do it.

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Added 3 April 2009

AFED against nationalism pamphlet front coverCurrently out of stock Anarchists do not see the world in terms of competing national peoples, but in terms of class. We do not see a world of nations in struggle, but of classes in struggle. The nation is a smokescreen which hides the struggle between classes which exists within and across them. Consequently, there is no single ‘people’ within the ‘nation’, and there is no shared ‘national interest’ which unifies them.

This pamphlet gives our analysis of nationalism and why anarchists are fundamentally against it.

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Added 2 April 2009

Resistance to Nazism, pamphlet front coverTelling the stories of libertarian groups that were opposing Fascism in Europe before, and into, the rise of the Nazis including Edelweiss Pirates, FAUD underground, Zazous, 43 group, Arditi del Popolo and dozens of other Italian groups.

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