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Our first batch of pamphlets include:

Fascism/Anti-Fascism by Gilles Dauvé
Dauvé’s critique of anti-fascism as an ideology, arguing that democracy and dictatorship are the forms taken by capitalism where expedient, forms that it will move between when necessary and forms which should be consistently opposed.

Leninism or Communism by Gilles Dauvé
Dauvé argues that Leninism is nothing more than the form taken by social democracy under clandestine conditions, standing in opposition to the emancipatory politics of communism.

The Origins of the Movement for Workers’ Councils in Germany
Analysis of the German revolution of 1918-19 which ended Germany’s involvement in the war and which was a missed opportunity for radical social change throughout Europe.

1956: The Hungarian Revolution
History of the workers’ revolt against Bolshevism in 1956 which showed the ‘workers’ state’ in Russia for what it was – a brutal, imperialist class society.

Towards a Fresh Revolution by the Friends of Durruti
Influential pamphlet circulated by the anarchist Friends of Durruti group during the Spanish revolution. Opposing the degeneration and the betrayal of the revolution by anarchist ‘leaders’, they argued for the deepening of the radical, democratic collectivisations of land and industry and for the establishment of a revolutionary workers’ council to replace the republican government.
Also available is a reprinted version of the Anarchist Federation’s ‘Anarchism: As We See It’.

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