Oaxacan Prisoner David Venegas is Released

“If my freedom serves for anything, it is that you have a breath of victory, because this freedom that was conquered of my person, is your triumph compañeros and compañeras. It is a small triumph, because I am just one of all those that we are, of those of us who have been deprived of our freedom, of all the injustices.

We are we those from below, we who have made this movement, we are those who raised the barricades, we who marched to Mexico [City], we who defended our city and we have to be those who will return to raise our movement and to gain the victory. It is not those others that they call leaders, who have wavered and betrayed this movement with their negotiations behind the people’s back, they are not the APPO, it was not them that made the great things, and it will not be them that make us return to do them. It will be all of us, those from below that once again, will make Oaxaca an example, it is a real dream, a breath of freedom for all Mexico and everybody.

This is not a concession by the criminal, tyrant government and murderer Ulises Ruiz. This is not a product of any shady negotiation behind you backs or under the table. The freedom that is mine today and the freedom of all the compañeros who will come after us, has been conquered and it will be conquered with dignity, with bravery and militancy compañeros”.