Blog archive of interesting articles (2009 onwards)

Blog archive of interesting articles (2009 onwards)

Read AF recent views and discussion articles relating to Austerity, Education, Welfare, Anarchafeminism, LGBTQ, Anti-racism, Environment.
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Austerity (general):

AF flyer for N30 – Symbolic Protest or Fight to Win?

Anarchist Federation statement on the June 30th strikes

A Council Worker Writes

Everything we’ve won: they want it back (March 2011)


Interview with an anarchist student occupier at Sheffield University

Working in Universities, Living With the Axe

Unite the struggles – London AF – October 2011

The students are revolting – report on the occupation of Millbank Tower


Healthcare workers: where we stand-fighting on two fronts

Private versus ‘Socialised’ healthcare

Nottingham City NHS and the cuts – a healthworker speaks out


Anti-workfare coordinated actions on 31st March 2012 – reports

Anti-workfare leaflet for 3rd March Day of Action

End of the Social Wage? Radical responses to the Welfare Reform Bill


A Class Struggle Anarchist Analysis of Privilege Theory – from the Women’s Caucus.

Safer spaces, false allegations, and the NYC Anarchist Bookfair

Response to: Prostitution is Not Compatible with Anarchism


What’s Wrong with Angry? – LGBTQ Bulletin of the Anarchist Federation – no.2

Queer- An Anarchist Deconstruction


Immigration and the election

The BNP, a working class party?

The Struggle Against Fascism Begins With The Struggle Against Labourism or, Hope Not Self-Defeating Liberal Stupidity

The European elections and the BNP, an anarchist perspective


Climate Camp and Us – a perspective paper

Meet the Green Boss – climate camp leaflet, discussion, report & paper