The following terms will be used in this pamphlet:

A feeling of being cut off from other people, community, and the environment around you.

An economic and political system based upon removing oppressive and exploitative structures in society (such as capitalism and the state), and building a society where everyone has an equal input into decisions that affect their life.

An economic and political system based around exploiting those forced to sell their labour, in which a country’s trade and industry are controlled by private owners for profit.

A set of people given a shared title based on something they hold in common. Anarchists often talk of class in terms of an economic relationship, which this pamphlet will examine.

An economic and political system based around common ownership of the means of production (such as factories, fields and workshops), where goods are made available based upon need and ensuring the well-being of all.

Something given in response to a demand, action, or prevailing standard.

To have something removed from you, such as land, property, or belongings.

The system used to work out how goods and resources are produced and allocated to people. The current economy is capitalist, but other forms of economy are possible.

Free Association
A system of providing collectively managed access to the resources that are required to have our needs met (such as land, workshops, or factories). Those involved are free to take part in or leave the process of production at their own will.

To make an attitude or behaviour part of your everyday routine so strongly that you think it is part of your nature, allowing it to go on unquestioned.

Phone Tree
A network of people organised so that they can quickly and easily spread information amongst each other by having each person pass on a message to several others in the group. Those people then do the same, and this repeats until everyone has received the message.

Revolutionary Consciousness
An awareness of the fact that to overcome the systems of exploitation and oppression in our lives we will need to fundamentally change how society functions.

Both a noun and a verb. A scab is someone who betrays their workmates to the bosses (the act of scabbing), most commonly used when someone has crossed a picket line. The harm scabs collectively cause others often leaves them outcast, denied community and cut off by former friends and family.

Becoming the person you want to be, living life to your full potential.

The act of undertaking supportive activity towards other people which does not come with the expectation of reward, but instead comes from a sense of mutual aid or common interest.

State, The
The collected institutions that create and enforce laws created by a small minority of people within a given territory. Through laws the state claims that only it has the right to grant the use of violence. The state uses the law to justify and protect a capitalist economy.