Why I’m Not Voting

I won’t be voting for the Libs, Lab or Cons for the simple reason that despite their many professions to the contrary, I can’t see that much between them. Neither am I that impressed that whoever I vote for, I’m stuck with for the next four or five years. By giving them my consent at election time, I’m giving them the right to rule over me and do whatever they like. Most of all I’m not voting because at the root of it all, they all stand for the same thing.  They stand for the continuation of this foul, destructive, exploitative system called capitalism.

Capitalism is not based on equal citizens, whatever the proponents of parliamentary democracy might claim. Over the past six months it has become clear to everyone that there are two distinct groups in society. There are the rich and the powerful: the bankers, the politcians, the company directors, the landowners and their friends. Then there are the rest of us. We are the ones who work for the first lot. We give our lives making, selling and buying the things that make them rich. The politicians may say that this bit or that bit of capitalism is unfair, but at heart they think it’s the best there can be.

We know differently. We believe that there can be a world where everyone is a valued member of society. We want a world where nobody is powerful or rich and nobody is powerless or poor. We know that this world can feed, house and clothe everyone in it. But this can only happen if we get away from a society based on the market, buying and selling and profit. We need a world where we make things because they are needed, where we automatically protect the environment, where every person gives what they can and takes what they need. That means a world with no states, no bosses, no government – an anarchist communist world. The struggle for that society takes all the year, not just voting one day out of 365.

And of course I won’t be voting BNP because I’m not a nazi.