State Murder And Unrest In Greece

For a start ,as I understand it, it was protest that followed the murder of fifteen year old Alexis. As is common in Greece the police attacked the protesters in order to intimidate and prevent further opposition to the status quo.  The police’s allies in these attacks are armed neo-nazis and right wing mobs.  This has been reported in the left-wing press and there are videos on Youtube of Greek police with provocateurs as well as photos on the internet of Greek police with armed neo-nazis, this is common in Greece.  Greece only became a ‘democracy’ in 1973, before then it was ruled by a US backed fascist dictatorship. It is also relevant that Alexis has been described as an anti-fascist. Apparently the policeman that murdered him actually knew him, commenting that he was causing trouble at a water polo event and further commenting negatively on Alexis’s left-wing views. All over Greece the police and the far-right have attacked perfectly peaceful demo’s. In Athens a peaceful protest organised by students was attacked by the state and their right- wing ,racist criminal colleagues.
It has been noticed that immigrants and asylum seekers have been blamed for the riots (and I will focus on the rioters shortly), not only by the Greek state but by the far-right. Immigrants queing outside immigration offices have been attacked by Greek police (and no doubt by their nazi friends). About Four weeks ago Greek police murdered a Pakistani asylum seeker. Immigrants have also been attacked in France. All this racist, stupid thugerry has achieved is to anger immigrants and asylum seekers even more and recruit them to the side of the rioting working-class. Also, protesters in Brussels have been attacked (after their demo), this is international state intimidation. The capitalists, ruling class, state and racist morons of the far-right are attempting to maintain their authoritarian control. However, it can hardly be said that this is what they are achieving.More recently, Konstantina Kouvena-General Secretary of The Cleaners Union of Athens was attacked by company thugs with acid, she is now in a coma. All this has meant is that more protest and momentum for rebellion has been created. The oppressors (as often they do) are creating yet more enemies.

Secondly, contrary to mainstream and conformist belief, it is not only the far-left who have protested and rioted but also ordinary people. People very familiar with state oppression and corruption who were rightly outraged by the senseless murder of a teenager. In Greece violent protest is widely accepted as a political process and it was this violent protest that got rid of the vile, right-wing dictatorship in the early 70’s. And I’ll tell you that really pisses me off, something that the capitalist bastards are all too keen to point out: damaged property. Oh for fuck’s sake! Damaged property! DAMAGED PROPERTY IS TOTALLY INSIGNIFICANT IN COMPARISON WITH A YOUNG KID’S LIFE! LIFE IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN DAMAGED PROPERTY, BOURGEOIS OR OTHERWISE. AS IS PEOPLES’ STRUGGLE FOR FREEDOM AND SOCIAL CHANGE. You are not goin to create positive social change if you are worried about starting insurrection. Yes, I’m sure I’d be pissed off if I had my own business damaged or I couldn’t use my usual cash machine but for fuck’s sake it’s not the end of the world. There are more important matters to attend to, those of social change! Just use another bloody cash machine and get on with joining the riot- personally I am more concerned with the state attacking and murdering people. Our system, our society is a total failure and must be destroyed. WE RIOT FOR  POSITIVE SOCIAL CHANGE. Rioting is necessary, it is a usefull tool for the working-class, to express anger and to be utilised as a necessary vehicle for revolution.

The Greek Prime Minister:” In these critical times, theres a challenge; we have to shield the democracy against the extremist groups’ violence. Right now, national unity is our common duty….All those  who engage in violent acts and vandalism are enemies of democracy.”

Well I don’t know where to start with pointing out the lies and hypocracy in that statement. For a start these are critical times, for the Greek state and ruling -class. They bang on about ‘democracy’, extremists, violence and ‘our common duty’ but only to play on peoples’ fears and uncertainty and magnifying it, blatantly  trying to brainwash the population. They do this because they see the true democracy of the workers assemblies that have been set up and because they realise that people may see their rulers as useless parasites. Basically the truth terrorfies them, so they desperately attempt to use lies in order to control people with their awful, biased, dumbed down and distorted capitalist media. It’s not national unity thats needed, it’s international unity- against the Greek state and corporations-the ruling class.

The fact is that we Anarchists want to create, destroy in order to create- a new society based on liberty, equality and solidarity. It has been  so encouraging to see buildings occcupied and workers’ assemblies run autonomously/democratically from below. This has happened all over Greece and is a great example to the rest of the world and the international working-class. We  need this autonomy and passionate left-wing militancy. we need to run the world ourselves and take power away from our oppressors and rulers who dominate us for their own parasitical benefit.

If this rebellion fails to bring about a revolution, it may be perfectly natural (and it may be a glimpse of events in the future). the current generation of revolutionaries/ revolutionary movement may not learn the mistakes necessary or face challenges successfully to overthrow capitalism in Greece. This doesn’t necessarily matter, it is evolution. It may however be down to the post-leftist, individualist, primitivist nature of Greek Anarchism. It could be argued that this makes it easier for people to demonise the Greek Anarchist movement and play into the hands of the government, perhaps we shall see. If what is happening, however, is the students, unemployed, anarchists, libertarian union activists/workers and immigrants uniting then that would be very positive and strengthen the rebellion. We need that unity and it seems to occurring.

One thing is for certain, with this state oppression and corruption in Britain, Greece and around the world, the failure of the capitalist economy, capitalist policy regarding Israel, the Middle-East and the third world, imperialist, capitalist wars and environmental destruction and incompetance-WE NEED RADICAL  CHANGE-REVOLUTION! Capitalism has always been this way, it’s time to move on ANARCHY NOW!We must destroy this unjust system of privilage and class and not just liberate the working-class but everyone!Solidarity and subversion is needed. Liberate yourself!