Radical Workers Bloc on Anti-Cuts March – London – 23rd October 2010

Radical Workers Bloc on Anti-Cuts March – London – 23rd October 2010

Called by South London Solidarity Federation. Email: southlondonsf (at)

Meet at 11am outside RMT head office, 39 Chalton Street, London NW1 1JD.

On Saturday 23rd October 2010 a number of trade unions have called for a march in London to lobby the TUC to fight the cuts. This is the same day as the annual London Anarchist Bookfair and a day when a large number of anarchists are in the city. We are calling on all anarchists and militant workers to join us in forming a ‘Radical Worker’s Bloc’ on the demonstration, not to beg the trade union bureaucrats to take action, but to argue that we fight the cuts based on the principles of solidarity, direct action, and control of our own struggles.

As the anti-war movement has shown, protest alone won’t change anything. The government have already said that they will not be swayed by protests. Instead, we need a widespread fightback based in the workplace as well as the streets that acts in solidarity with fellow workers fighting these austerity measures all over the world.

We also intend to be a visible anti-capitalist presence on the demonstration pointing out that it is capitalism that has caused the crisis that has led to these cuts and that in response to their class war we need to reciprocate: meeting cuts with direct action – strikes, occupations and civil disobedience – whilst fighting for a different world which puts human needs first.

Bring red and black flags, banners and propaganda. The workers movement needs anarchist ideas and methods more than ever if we’re to beat the cuts.