Promises & Lies

A poem by one the six recently imprisoned anti-fascists who says — “It’s about how religious people (of certain faiths especially), always try to befriend people they perceive to be at a low, but they always have a hidden agenda.”

A judgement from my so called peers, the sentence from an elevated seat.
A coward, a liar taken away, the chaff removed from the wheat.
Climbing down the stairs as if to Hell, it’s actually getting warmer as I talk.
As my new bling bracelets jangle, my white gleaming carriage awaits
No princess charming or a ball, as we leave the future I contemplate.
My journeys end I disembark, the man next to me wants to call me Mister.
Maybe this, my Cinderella’s Ball, and my new chaperone an ugly sister?
Surrounded by a creamy glow, four walls, a ceiling and a floor,
Excuse me I didn’t mean to lie, there’s also a window and a locked green door.
Cracks and bangs and endless sounds, is this the soundtrack to my new life?
The drummers serenade without reprieve, my sleep abused by this rusty knife.
When did it go silent no more sound?All peaceful then I see a light.
Within the flame I see a pretty face, she talks and smiles so bright.
No fear I feel just a deep sweet warmth, not one solitary tear my eye leaks.
My angel brings a new found peace, like water gods words flow as she speaks…

“Hold my hand and hold it tight
I’ll take you from this land of fright
Where the sweetest fruits grow from every tree,
And life has no cost , it’s happy and free.
You’ll wake in laughter and sleep with a smile,
Your dreams the sweetest you’ve had in a while.
Hold my hand and hold it tight
I’ll take you from this land of fright.”

“Take my hand and we’ll walk through,
To this land I have saved for you.
None are hungry none are poor
No child is forgotten, none beg for more
You’ll walk in pastures glowing green for the sun
See children play, laugh and having fun
Take my hand and we’ll walk through,
To this land I’ve saved for you.”

Why am I not scared of this vision? Feelings pure of love not lust.
The jury was stupid they were idiots you see, my angel’s the one who’s just.
With her I will go and we’’ll be so happy, in god’s world is where we live.
No prison will or could ever hold me, to her and to her god my life I will now give.
The drummers pounding away, as do the ceilings, the walls, the door.
Her honey words from god are gone forever, to control they’ll tell any lie.
Turn to one angel or a million and one, to snare you is all they will try.

Heaven and paradise promises abound, yet no proof will they ever show.
Accept your pain and suffering now, when you die you’ll see you’re not so low
Believe them blindly never question or ask, it’s better (you’ll see) when you die.

To protect the rich, powerful and few, that’s always been the most powerful lie.
If there’s one true god why so many fights, my religion is best one thinks
Why killing of innocents, woman and child? Think about it, surely you see the links
This may be the only life you ever get, think it through find real truth too.
Don’t get down trodden, rise up break the chains, the angel lied to me and she’ll lie to you too.

Please contact Rav with your messages of support and solidarity. Stamps and paper are always welcome, too.

Ravinder Gill
HMP Wayland
IP25 6RL