Prisoner solidarity demonstration at Embassy Of Belarus, London – 23rd Sept 2012

Freedom to Belarusian anarchists, Solidarity demo, 11th December 2010, Mariupol, UkraineCome and take part in a solidarity demonstation for Belarussian imprisoned comrades to take place on election day at the Embassy Of Belarus, Kensington, London.

Date/time: Sunday 23rd September 2012 starting at 1:00pm.

Called by the Anarchist Federation in coordination with the solidarity statement by the International of Anarchist Federations (as agreed at the IFA Congress during the St. Imier gathering in Switzerland in August 2012).

Event details and background to the imprisonments in Belarus:

IFA solidarity statement:

Photo shows a previous international solidarity demonstration ‘Freedom to Belarusian anarchists’ in the Ukraine, December 2010.