Organise! magazine issue 89 Winter 2017

Organise! magazine issue 89 Winter 2017

Organise! magazine issue 89 Winter 2017 “WE WANT A REVOLUTION … NOW!” was out in print at the London Anarchist Bookfair in October. Print copies are available from AK Press or Active Distribution. Read below for summary and contents list. You can also download the PDF for free: organise89-web

See also: download the latest edition of our paper/bulletin, Resistance.

The theme of this month’s issue is on revolutions, examining the anarchist communist approach to achieving one, the role of anarchists in historical revolutions that are having their anniversaries this year (Russian 1917, Spanish May Days and the Friends of Durruti 1937), and contemporary activities of anarchists that prefigures a post-revolutionary society. Later articles discuss aspects of modern society under capitalism that we would wish to improve drastically with a revolution (mental illness and loneliness) and examine the dire results of Chavismo in Venezuela whilst presenting positive reportsĀ  of organising by anarchists in the Americas. As usual we provide book reviews of some essential new editions.

Check out the Organise! page on this site for all back issues free to download and you will also find print copies of the last issue #88 from Active Distribution or AK Press as well as many older issues.


  • Editorial (read this below, soon): We want a revolution … Now!
  • Talking about a revolution
  • Anarchism and History
  • The Russian Revolution of 1917 and the role of the anarchists
  • The May Days in Spain and the Friends of Durruti
  • Free Women against Libertarian Machismo
  • The working class response to catastophes: Mutual aid, self-organisation and solidarity
  • Radical Housing Network: Putting the housing crisis on the public agenda
  • Psychiatry and social class
  • Loneliness: Much more than a drag
  • Venezuela: Know you enemies
  • Extract from: Anarchists of the Caribbean and Central America
  • International Anarchist Meeting in Brazil 2017
  • Book reviews: Rebellion in Patagonia by Osvaldo Bayer (AK Press); The Dossier of Subject 1218: a Bulgarian anarchist’s story by Alexander Nakov (Black Cat Press)