New Publications April/May 2014

We are pleased to announce a special 16-page issue of our paper Resistance (#156) for April 2014 in place of monthly issues from Dec 2013-March 2014, and out for Mayday 2014 we also have a new Organise! magazine – issue 82 Summer 2014, plus a brand new edition of our short pamphlet The Role of the Revolutionary Organisation.

Resistance and RORO are free downloads (or to order in print) and Organise! is currently available in print direct from us (and you can read the online editorial and 2 sample articles right now) and is availlable or soon to be available, as usual, from the AK Press and Active Distribution online shops.

Update: Get Organise! 82 now from AKPress at:

and Active Distribution:

or download PDF for free:

Bulk orders are available – email distribution [at] for details. Please note we are temporarily suspended subscriptions to Resistance as we have gone to quarterly with the new themed issues (we have written to all current subscribers about this change).

See below on the home page for full details,, or use the above links in the ‘Publications’ menu on our site. Look out for a new edition of one of our other pamphlets, Basic Bakunin, coming soon.