Glasgow School Occupied in Defiance of Council Cuts

Glasgow City Council closed down 22 primary schools and nurseries this year – last Friday was the final school day for them. Amid tears and distraught goodbyes, parents in one of the targeted schools slipped past security and chained the doors shut behind them.

The council held a sham consultation earlier in the year – despite 95% replying that they wanted to keep the schools, and the council spending half a million pounds on a fountain this year, plus planning on millions more on schemes to conjure Glasgow into a tourist and conference city, it was decided that we can’t afford to have primary schools in local communities anymore.

The key demand of the occupiers is for there to be a primary school in the Wyndford. “This community has nothing. Without a primary school who’s going to want to live here?” This is part of the Council’s plans to gentrify this area, and move out the existing working class community in favour of extending wealthy Kelvinside northwards.

Council vans prevented from taking equipment from the school

On Saturday the Council vans arrived at 7am and began emptying the school of its furniture and equipment, catching the occupiers offguard who looked on with dismay as it seemed the Council would achieve its aim of the school closure being a fait accompli.

The occupiers sent out urgent messages requesting support and quickly a crowd gathered at the front gate. Suddenly the tables had turned, and it was the occupiers who were in control! As council officials looked on impotently, the campaigners refused to let the vans leave the front gates until all the furniture and equipment was returned to its rightful place, back inside the school!

A film of the events is here

Water cut off by the council – so occupiers hold Water Festival!

The parents occupying Wyndford Primary School, and their supporters are yet to have any contact from council officials who instead have been acting out medieval siege tactics – on Tuesday they turned off the water into the building and only the fire brigade telling them it would be hazardous prevented them turning off the electricity.

However the Council hadn’t bargained for how much support the occupiers have – since word got out of the Council’s dirty tricks, litres and litres of water has been arriving daily at the school. And to show how unbowed the occupiers think of the council’s bullying, they’re holding the Wyndford Water Fun Day on Thursday!

Support the Occupation
Show your support for the imaginative, brave community standing up for itself against the Council.
1)Come up and visit the occupation. See the wishlist at the bottom for ideas of things to bring.
2)Send solidarity messages to 07783508740
3)Spread the word.
4)Phone the council and let them know how much support the campaign has. Would you consider visiting Glasgow or organising an event here now that you know how the Council treats its residents?
5)Donations of money are urgently needed. Main expenses are phone cards and printing. The campaign bank account is :
“Save Our Schools”. Sort code 30-25-83 Account number 0558506

More information

Food – especially healthy, easy to prepare items.
Blow up beds
Sheets, poster paint, PVA glue and paint brushes to make banners. Cable ties.
Disposable cups.
Games for the kids.
Volunteers, especially to sit at the front gate during the day to guard against council vans arriving and to help leaflet the local area.
Donations for phone cards and printing costs.