Egham and Staines Workfare Pickets Report

On 1st May, as part of International Worker’s Day, Staines Anarchists embarked on an anti-workfare tour in Egham and Staines. Tesco, WHSmith, the Jobcentre and McDonald’s were all picketed for the part they play in the workfare schemes.
Several hundred leaflets detailing the nature of workfare were distributed and for the most part locals were interested to hear about what workfare involves and what it means for workers.

Many locals were surprised to hear that this kind of scheme, that often allows businesses free labour, takes place. One person commented, “Forced, unpaid work?! Sounds like slavery to me”.
But Mayday for Staines Anarchists wasn’t all work(fare) and no play. In the evening the group met up with other local activists for a Mayday celebration.

Photos at: stainesanarchists | Just another site