Australian Prison Riot

A riot broke out on January 18th at Fulham Correctional Centre in Sale, east of Melbourne in Australia. About 30 prisoners managed to sabotage prison equipment including setting fire to rubbish bins. Arming themselves with gym equipment and gardening tools they succeeded in climbing onto a roof of the jail and stayed there for about 12 hours. The prison was locked-down for three days. Police used tear gas in an attempt to get the prisoners off the roof. The authorities at the medium-security prison had imposed new regulations including stricter uniform rules and the scrapping of pay television. Robert Hastings who is an ex cop and the current Corrections Victoria Commissioner said, “What we had is a young group of males who decided that they would be disruptive and destructive and wouldn’t comply with what prison authorities wanted to do”. Fulham Prison was built to accommodate 650 prisoners now 840 people are in the jail.