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Friday, 02 March 2012 17:52
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“We occupy our public hospitals for deep and meaningful democratisation, which will make society competent to decide its own future again.”

Confronted with a dire economic situation and having witnessed major social and economic changes in their country, health workers in Greecehave occupied two public hospitals, opposing the harsh austerity measures adopted by the Greek government in the last two years.

The public hospital in Kilkis (northern Greece) has been under full workers’ control since the 6th of February: The employees underline that “with full awareness of our social mission and moral commitments associated with our office, we will protect the health of citizens attending the hospital, providing free care to those in need.” At the same time, they ask the government to “finally take its responsibilities, surpassing even this last hour its immeasurable social insensitivity.”

Workers at the General Hospital of Kilkis stress that the occupation of the hospital will not end until the full payment of their accruals and the return of their salaries to pre-cut levels. They state that they “respond to the fascist-isation with democracy” by putting the hospital “under the direct and complete control” of the workers where “the only responsible decision-making body of an administrative nature will be the General Assembly of workers in it.”

ne week later on February 13th the Rethymnon (Crete) Hospital Doctors Association and the Association of Workers also began the occupation and self-management of their local general hospital in response to the degradation induced by the merger of the hospital of Chania. Commenting on the proposed merger , the Doctors Association says the Chania hospital has been designated for regional Western Crete and this automatically leads to the reduction of hospital operations in Rethymnon. According to government documents, the merger provides for the operation of departments and units in only one of the two hospitals and involves closing sections of the hospital of Rethymnon. It also provides for the transfer of patients for treatment and diagnosis in the neighbouring county since there is no corresponding section for further medical treatment and patients with urgent problems would have to move to Chania. Finally, the merger involves the transfer of administrative and other services to cover staff shortages in the central hospital.

The workers stress that “the above description gives the exact operating conditions of the merged hospital and once again mocks the sick and residents of that county.” Furthermore, they consider “unwanted” the political “representatives of the county and each political spokesman defending the survival of banks against the lives of humans” and they state that the hospital will remain under their Assembly’s control until the overthrow of the neo-liberal policy.

Last but not least, the workers in both occupied public hospitals ask for every possible support and call on the society and workers affected by the financial crisis to take similar action, “until our final victory against the economic-political elite which is now oppressing the country and destroys the world.”

Friday, 02 March 2012 17:50
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Glasgow Solidarity Network has demonstrated how direct action gets the goods with a successful conclusion to its first fight. Two members of the Glasgow Anarchist Federation and their flatmate discovered that it is illegal in Scotland for letting agents to charge tenants fees apart from rent and deposits. Their letting agent, Martin & Co, had charged the three of them them a substantial £250 “check-in” fee before they had even paid their deposit. They first submitted an official complaint but received only the receipt listing the fees they had paid as a reply. Shelter advised them that they could go to the small claims court, but the court fee would have been £65 with no guarantee of a win! So instead, on 3rd February, they and 15 friends from the Glasgow Solidarity Network delivered a letter in person to the head of the Martin & Co West End office (to the amusement of other staff) giving the company two weeks to return the money. They left quickly, took a picture outside for posterity, and dispersed, some to the pub. The manager must have called the police, because two officers came by the flat on Saturday to have a friendly chat, but thanks to helpful information from the Scottish Activist Legal Project, Solidarity Network members know their rights, and the police left without even taking names. On Tuesday 7th February, just four days later, the tenants received a cheque for the money in full.

Don’t let letting agents get away with charging illegal fees! Don’t let landlords take advantage of you! Join us!
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Friday, 02 March 2012 17:49
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Twenty Pizza Hut workers and their supporters in Sheffield braved freezing temperatures and billowing snow to stage a protest against what they say are “insulting” conditions and pay.

Supporters, including members of the Anarchist Federation, staged solidarity protests around the world in Birmingham, Glasgow ,London, Wessex, Bradford , Hull, Brighton, Liverpool, Bristol and abroad in Richmond and Portland, USA and in Germany.

Members of the Pizza Hut Worker’s Union surrounded the company’s tiny store in Crookes, Sheffield carrying placards and leaflets that demanded management return to the negotiating table to discuss their frustrations over holiday pay and mileage rates.

Contrary to traditional practice, Pizza Hut workers do not receive the customary time and a half for working unsociable hours. This is despite many staff working late into the night and Bank Holidays, including Christmas Day.

Meanwhile, despite the staggering increases in petrol prices, Pizza Hut drivers still receive as little as 10p per mile in petrol money from the international franchise.

Despite the perceived downward trend in spending, take aways like Pizza Hut have been bucking the trend and continue to make huge profits. Workers are angry that this boom in business has not been reflected in their own pay. A Pizza Hut Workers Union member said: “Despite our best attempts to talk to management, we feel like we aren’t getting anywhere. It’s a joke that as Pizza Hut’s business continues to grow, the people that work the hardest and who are feeling the pinch are still receiving the bare minimum the company can get away with paying.”

The Pizza Hut Worker’s Union is part of the anti-capitalist IWW (Industrial Workers of the World).
Friday, 02 March 2012 16:30
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Leeds AF group have produced a leaflet for the day of action against work for benefits, called by Boycott Workfare for Saturday 3rd March 2012, Demos and actions Leeds AF anti-workfare leaflet for 3rd March 2012 Day of Action happening across the country.



Friday, 24 February 2012 23:25
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The Black Rose Centre is a new social centre project at 268 Verdon Street, established by the Sheffield Social Centre Collective. Like Social Centres in other towns this is an anti-capitalist space for people to get together to discuss ideas and take action for social change. It is also a space to share skills and food, run events and watch films in a non-commercial setting. This social centre is run without leaders (non-hierarchically) with a “safer spaces” policy that rejects racism, sexism, homophobia and all other forms of oppression. The Black Rose Centre is an alcohol and drug free space. We aim to make this space a practical example of what we can achieve when we work together.

If you have any ideas of events you would like to run in the space that fit with the principles of the project (or would like to get involved) please come along to our next general meeting – these happen every 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month.

What will be happening at The Black Rose Centre?

-Public meetings and discussion groups

-Bitfixit café, offering computer maintenance and free wi-fi

-Drop-in clinics for people having problems at work

-A radical library

-Art workshops


The centre will be open until 10:30 in the evening.

Sheffield Social Centre | Website

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